Bringing a Curated Group of Startup Industry Leaders Together in a Truly Unique Venue

New York Harbor

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Attendance is invite-only. If you are invited, you will be paired with other attendees who share similar backgrounds, industries, and/or professional activities. Attendance is free of charge and includes complimentary onboard snacks and drinks. 

Bi-monthly events are curated to connect the most meaningful group of people within that specific sector and/or industry.

By Invite Only

The Venue

Say goodbye to happy hours and hello to something entirely unique. Join a curated group of investors, founders, and corporate leaders for intimate networking onboard a sailing yacht. Escape the bustle of NYC and enjoy a relaxing sail on the scenic New York Harbor with a group of like-minded peers.

The Hosts

Your co-host and skipper, Drew has a background as a successful startup entrepreneur (2 startups, 1 exit) and operating partner (4 corporate ventures). Post exiting TailBus, Drew founded and lead the creation of four thriving corporate-backed ventures: XOM Materials (European B2B marketplace) for Klockner & Co, Transportation Mobility Cloud (automotive API-based open-framework software development platform) for Ford Motor Company, NextLoan (alternative lending and investment platform) for Reliance Capital, and B2B materials distribution marketplace for Confidential Company.

He is an avid sailor and always looking to connect with great founders, startup investors, and corporate leaders. 

Drew Moffitt

Your co-host and relief skipper, Kristin enjoys spending her time on the water (especially on sailboats). She learned her love for sailing at eight years old and later in life became a sailing instructor in Old Greenwich, CT and member of U.S. Sailing. When onshore, she leverages her skills of managing and facilitating events for top legal talent to help curate the group of VentureSails goers. 

The only thing Kristin loves more than rosé is creating a warm and hospitable setting for connecting those in the startup ecosystem. 

Kristin Myers

Join Us

Always looking for great additions to the conversation with backgrounds as founders, investors, or corporate operators

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